Welcome to Need2Be-Kinesiology.com
Below you will find a few basic terms to better understand the services we offer.
BASIC MASSAGE: Melt stress away, soothe muscle pain and relieve the tension that blocks the elimination of chemical wastes in your muscles, increase blood flow to the brain and throughout your body.
AROMATHERAPY: Custom blended massage oil, a new experience each and every time. Need to really relax? Ease emotional stress, prepare for a test or presentation, or would you like to get rid of that cellulite? Essential oils are beneficial physically, emotionally or mentally to ease the stress life offers. A different blend with each massage.
REFLEXOLOGY: Add 30 minutes to your Basic or Aromatherapy massage and enjoy the healing effects of foot Reflexology. Proven to reduce PMS symptoms 62% in a recent University of California study. Reflexologist Christopher Shirley has used it to shrink ovarian cysts, making surgery unnecessary.
PAIN TREATMENT: Having a specific pain you'd like to get rid of? Techniques used have been found to benefit in the elimination or reduction of pain. Used with TFH to find the imbalances in the energy system of the body contributing to the pain.
TFH: Touch For Health a practical guide to natural health using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.
KINESIOLOGY: Takes TFH further with an indepth look at the subtle energy imbalances of the body and by accessing the body's own biocomputer, we are able to discover the proper corrections. Often times these techniques will be taught to the client so that they may test for imbalances for themselves. Optimum health is acheived through the balance of the Physical - Chemical & Emotional/Spiritual. The Triangle of Health.